A Tour of Josephine’s Philly

From The Dollar Newspaper, Philadelphia, PA, Wednesday morning, January 26th, 1859:

“It appears that some two or three months ago, a young woman, named Josephine Fagan, was introduced into the institution for the purpose of receiving medical instruction…She had not held the situation long before some of the Guardians considered it necessary, for the welfare of the institution, that it should be abolished…Mrs. Fagan left the institution, and took boarding at the house of a Mrs. Bunker, in Sansom street, above Twelfth…”

Looking up Sansom Street from 12th Street

From The Argus, Albany, NY, Tuesday morning, May 7, 1872:

“[Thomson] came on to Philadelphia, where I was staying; that was about four or five weeks after I got out of prison…he sent a carriage for me to go to the Continental..”

The Benjamin Franklin House, which replaced the Continental Hotel in 1923
No longer a hotel, the building today houses 412 luxury apartments.

The Seventh Annual Announcement of the Female Medical College of Pennsylvania:

“Located in Philadelphia, At No. 229 Arch Street.”

Due to changing street numbers, 229 Arch Street became 627 Arch Street, where the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia now stands.

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